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Czech Orff Society

 Czech Orff Society through the lense of a holistic, positive pedagogical approach

 “School is the workshop of humanity. Leave children to sing, clap, move, explore the sounds, and discover their world through all their senses.

Jan Amos Comenius -17th century educator of Czech origin.

“Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.”

                            Chinese proverb frequently quoted by Carl Orff

"Elemental music is never just music. Its bound up with movement, dance and speech, and so it is a form of music in which one must participate, in which one is involved not as a listener but as a co-performer."

“Music begins in the individual…”  “Experience first, then intellectualize." Carl Orff

Czech Orff Society

COS was founded by Pavel Jurkovič who influenced generations of teachers and educators, despite not holding an official position at a university, conservatory or prestigious educational institution. Musician, educator, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, Human Being par excellence, this was Pavel Jurkovič (1933 – 2015).

His light inspired people to think in newly creative educational ways from the late sixties, when he passed his studies at Orff Institute and when the original version of Czech Orff Schulwerk – Česká Orffova škola was composed by Petr Eben and Ilja Hurník.   

Czech Orff Schulwerk  books  (4 volumes) contain  Czech folk songs, rhymes, chants, sayings and proverbs accompanied by Orff instruments and compositions, that brilliantly followed the intentions of the original Orff Schulwerk.

Pavel Jurkovič’s creed:

  1. a humanistic approach - belief in every child
  2. work in an atmosphere of trust and joy, but also with a desire to know more and more
  3. the integration of singing, movement, speech and instruments in one unit
  4. the stimulation of desire and the need to self-express.
  5. the intention to foster creativity, to evolve a well balanced, harmonious personality related to your neighbor
  6. the sum of team work is the result of individual responsibility
  7. lead towards an open door for the development of independent work

2000 - 2014 PhDr. Jarmila Kotůlková led the COS to closer contacts with European and world Orff Schulwerk Associations as well as with ISME music educators.

She managed COS as an independent, voluntary, non-profit association officially accepted by the state authorities. The Ministry of School and Education has recognized the activities of COS as part of professional development for all levels of teachers.

Currently the 5 member board, under the presidency of Paedr. Lenka Pospíšilová  and the1st deputy chairman Mgr. Patricie Windsor Ph.D. must abide by state laws and finance rules governing an association.

The mission of this non profit organization is to spread the philosophy of Orff Schulwerk among the pedagogical and non-pedagogical public. This also means to inspire academic educators at universities and to offer the chance to develop practical music and movement pedagogical skills during conferences, courses and workshops organized by COS, with Czech and international teachers.




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Mgr. Patricie Windsor, Ph.D.

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Mgr. Ludmila Bajerová

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PhDr Jarmila Kotůlková

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Mgr. Pavla Sovová, Ph.D.

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