Forum Resonances 26. března 2022

Dear IOSFS members,

 We are delighted to inform you about the upcoming FORUM RESONANCES:

 Jazz, Improvisation, and Orff Schulwerk

Date: March 26th, 2022, 16:00 - 19:45 CET/UTC+1 (Vienna) and repeated at 23:00 - 2:45 (Mar 27) CET/UTC+1 (Vienna)

 Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9786429208?pwd=elQ5K3FlRzFKOVVVN0VWZnBZdDdxQT09

Meeting ID:  978 642 9208

Passcode:  798764

Join us for the next Forum Resonances, “Jazz, Improvisation, and Orff Schulwerk”

Come Together sessions will be led by Jofre Gasol Arus and Judith Thompson Barthwell. Sessions will include active music-making with Martina Vasil and Hana Novotna Havelkova and a panel discussion by Jay Broeker, Doug Goodkin, Patrick Ware, and I.J. Routen (moderator). Each presentation will explore how jazz and popular music can be successfully integrated into Orff Schulwerk curricula.

Thanks to AOSA for organizing this event and to all contributors.

We would be grateful if presidents of Orff-Schulwerk Associations could forward this information to all their members and others who might be interested in attending.  The event is free and does not require registration.

 We look forward to seeing many friends and colleagues,


Shirley Salmon